2 Chainz

2 Chainz Gets High on $500,000 Worth of Weed, Bongs, & Dabs

2 Chainz does “The Most Expensivest” dab.

Sure, that could be about his lucrative “Dabbin’ Santa” sweaters, but it actually refers to the premiere episode of the third season of his GQ series, “Most Expensivest Shit.”

On this episode, Tity Boi gets high off $500,000 worth of weed, bongs, and dabs. “This shit makes you feel like your heart is about to explode,” a cautious Chainz said. And sure enough, after taking a hit during the episode, he confirmed his original theory. “That shit’s so strong, man.”

This is just the beginning of season 3. Other upcoming episodes are set to feature expensive popcorn, coffee, kittens, sunglasses, and baby items, among other things.

Watch 2 Chainz explore the expensive world of weed, bongs, and dabs below.