Bobby Shmurda Speaks About Rap, Biopic, & Survival in GQ

Bobby Shmurda’s “Surreal Saga” hits GQ.

The Brooklyn rapper, who’s spent more than a year in jail, has been serving time in “protective custody” at Rockland County Correctional Center, 40 miles north of New York City. He is only allowed to come out of his cell for 75 minutes each day.

During his brief time with the magazine, Bobby spoke about his future plans, including two movies, one of which will be about his life. “That’s going to be a fiction story about this whole experience,” he said. “I gotta say fiction, though. It’s going to be a fiction story.”

In the interview, Shmurda also recalled being held at gunpoint in 2013 after witnessing a shooting. “I felt like I survived for a reason,” he said.

Additionally, the “Hot Boy” discussed his raps, which are being used against him by some who claim he’s the leader of a gang. “Everything I rap about,” he explained, “it’s just entertainment.”

Earlier this month, Shmurda’s trial was delayed for the fourth time. Before that, it was revealed that Shmurda would be suing the New York Police Department for an alleged false arrest. So far, he has been denied bail at least seven times.