Wiz Khalifa

Video: Wiz Khalifa feat. Rico Love – ‘Celebrate’

“Celebrate” good times with Wiz Khalifa.

The Pittsburgh rapper teams up with Rico Love on his latest single and music video for what turns out to be one giant celebration, complete with fancy cars, gorgeous women, and a yacht party on the ocean at sunset.

“I want to celebrate living,” Rico sings on the Khalifa track. “I could’ve been dead / I could’ve been in prison / So I want to celebrate.”

Meanwhile, Mister Cap flexes wealth. “My chain shit on your car,” he brags. “My Rolex just fucked your bitch / Just came home from tour / Half a mill when I’m bored / Y’all ni**as can’t afford it / Rich ni**as want more.”

Wiz just released his TGOD Mafia album Rude Awakening with Juicy J and TM88. He’s also gearing up for the “High Road Summer Tour,” which kicks off next month, with Snoop Dogg. The duo just unleashed their latest weed anthem, “Kush Ups,” to get fans ready for the run.

For now, “Celebrate” with Wiz and Rico below.