Video: D∆WN – ‘Wake Up (A Fashion Film)’

D∆WN isn’t trying to “Wake Up.” Instead, the singer wants to dance, and that’s exactly what she does in her breathtaking fashion film “Wake Up,” which she co-directed with Sasha Samsonova.

Donning stunning costumes, including majestic wings, golden ram horns, yellow hair, and a revealing beige top, Dawn Richard dances through a post-apocalyptic world with her all-female squad.

“Don’t wake me up, I’ve been dreaming of you,” she sings. “And this love ricochets from me to you.”

She spoke with NPR about the inspiration behind the video. “With this era, I want to highlight the marriage of fashion, tech, and sound,” she explained. “‘Wake Up’ is a fashion film inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the Faun and the Phoenix narrate this whimsical dream that you don’t want to wake up from.”

“Wake Up” follows other D∆WN releases this week, including “Lemonade Lakes” and “Serpentine Fire.”

Watch “Wake Up (A Fashion Film)” below.