Keke Palmer

Video: Keke Palmer – ‘Yellow Lights’

Keke Palmer shines on “Yellow Lights.”

After dancing to smash singles by Desiigner and Drake, Keke takes on her own jam in her brand new video.

The visual for “Yellow Lights” is a whimsical ride accompanied by horses, faceless male dancers also known as her “shadow kids,” dressed in all black, and female dancers dressed in all white.

“Tell myself I don’t need it,” sings Keke. “What I can’t deny / Tried to buy my freedom, but the price too high.”

The video is also an ode to Aaliyah. “One of my favorite videos was ‘4 Page Letter’ by Aaliyah so the vision for the video was a take on that vibe, mixed in with who I am as an artist,” explained Keke. “I love Aaliyah. To me she was a true artist in every sense of the word and I continue to just be inspired by her and let my heart guide me as always.”

Watch “Yellow Lights” below.