The Life of Pablo

Kanye West Adds 'Saint Pablo' to 'The Life of Pablo'

  /  06.15.2016

Kanye West has updated the “living breathing changing creative expression” that is The Life of Pablo yet again.

Three months after saying he would continue modifying the LP, Yeezy has tinkered with it yet again, this time adding a new song, the previously leaked “Saint Pablo” featuring Sampha.

The track, which addresses financial debt, mental health, and family issues, was first premiered live in February at Yo Gotti’s The Art of Hustle release party in Los Angeles. Eventually, the cut made its way online and was believed to be a single off Turbo Grafx 16, but now it’s found an official home as track No. 20 on The Life of Pablo.

This update shouldn’t come as a surprise. In April, Def Jam confirmed that new modifications were pending. “In the months to come, Kanye will release new updates, new versions, and new iterations of the album,” the label said in a statement. “An innovative, continuous process, the album will be a living, evolving art project. The Life of Pablo has truly taken on a life of its own.”

And back in March, Kanye called the album a “living breathing changing creative expression.”

Yeezus has also updated his upcoming “Saint Pablo Tour” with more dates, including additional stops in Toronto on August 31, Miami on September 17, Grand Rapids on September 27, Oakland on October 23, and Los Angeles on October 27.

Fans can now hear TLOP with this update on TIDAL and Apple Music.

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