Troy Ave

Troy Ave Avoids Murder Charge in New York Shooting

Troy Ave is avoiding a murder charge in the now infamous concert shooting case that landed him in jail. However, that doesn’t mean the rapper’s free of trouble.

Troy has been indicted on five other felonies and could face decades of jail time, according to TMZ. So far, he’s facing one count of attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Ave’s close friend and bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, died during the shootout at Irving Plaza. Ballistics evidence has been examined and the bullets that killed him are not believed to have come from the gun Troy was shooting that night, according to the report.

The BSB rapper’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, says a video showing Troy firing a gun at the club only shows part of the story. “The video does not show everything nor explain what happened in the VIP room before Troy came running out, as a victim, after he was shot,” he said.

Moreover, Leemon says he’ll be asking for Ave’s release from jail at his hearing next week.

Since his arrest, the New York rhymer has released his Free Troy Ave mixtape, where he addresses McPhatter’s death. “I lost my best friend and the sad part about it is I ain’t realize he was my best friend until I lost him,” he says. “And that shit hurts worse than these bullets when I got shot.”