Anderson .Paak

Watch Anderson .Paak’s XXL Freshman Freestyle

Fresh off his placement on XXL‘s 2016 Freshman Class, Anderson .Paak delivers a thought-provoking freestyle for the magazine.

On Tuesday (Jun. 22), the publication dropped his freestyle video as part of their ongoing series to highlight each freshman.

“The whole world loves you when you’re top of the line,” Anderson raps in the clip. “The hoes gon’ want you when you’re thuggin’ it right / But the feds gon’ bust ya if your money too husky / Man, trust me / Devils want you living in fright / Ain’t that right?”

But that’s not all. The recent Aftermath signee was also featured in a profile video, discussing the XXL Freshman Class selection and his artistic influences.

“I grew up on hip-hop stuff,” he says. “But people like André 3000, Kanye West, that really pushed rap boundaries, artists like CeeLo and James Brown that pushed the boundaries of their genre to where they can’t really box it in. That’s what I feel like I’m inspired by mostly.”

Get to know the Malibu singer-rapper below.