Ian Connor

Ian Connor Gets Into Fight with Theophilus London and A$AP Bari

Kanye West creative consultant Ian Connor was involved in altercations with Theophilus London and A$AP Mob affiliate A$AP Bari in Paris on Tuesday (Jun. 23).

Though the totality of the issues are unclear at the moment, social media videos show the fight, which broke out at Virgil Abloh’s Off-White book signing at the Colette store. In one clip, Conor punches London in the face while A$AP Rocky tries to ease the tension.

In another short video, which was filmed as Connor exited the store, Bari punches Connor in the face before squaring up in front of him.

The feud continued on social media where Connor asked: “How Could I Beef With A Ni**a I Surpassed In Every Which Way.”

London then fired off a series of threats and insults via Twitter, referencing rape allegations that have been made against Connor.

In the batch of tweets, London also claimed that Kanye West no longer wants to be associated with Connor. “nobody f**ks with u, u was homeless I took u in, I fed you , the whole cultured just texted me thanking me.Ur a loser in everyway,” he wrote. “Kanye don’t even want your ass around anymore. That’s all you had left. I’m surprised at all anybody that still f**k w you.”

Earlier this year, Connor spoke about his affiliation with Kanye West. “I’m his creative consultant,” he told Billboard. “So I [advise] on the clothing and [give] my ideas as far as ‘this is right, this is wrong, this is cool, we should bring in this person, we should not fuck with this person.'”