Watch Drake's Previously Unseen 'SNL' Skit 'Work Banter'

  /  06.28.2016

Okay, cool!

A sketch from Drake’s “Saturday Night Live” takeover in May just surfaced online as part of “SNL’s” “Cut for Time” YouTube series. The hilarious clip, entitled “Work Banter,” features Drizzy and cast members Beck Bennett and Bobby Moynihan.

In the skit, which clocks in under five minutes, the 6 God plays Derek, a new Kinko’s employee who’s simply trying to fit in with his co-workers. His colleagues, however, make it incredibly hard with their complicated banter.

Their catchphrases include “Okay cool!” and “Dope! Da business.” But Drake (as Derek) can’t seem to find the right way to say any of these, which leaves him on the outs with his disappointed co-workers.

Drizzy acted as “SNL’s” host and musical guest in May. That day, he performed “One Dance” and “Hype” and acted in hilarious sketches including “Drake’s Beef” and “Black Jeopardy.”

Check out Drizzy’s “Work Banter” skit below to find out why he’s prone to saying “Muy loco Pinocchio!”

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