DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Answers Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘3 Ridiculous Questions’

DJ Khaled and Jimmy Kimmel are striking up quite a friendship and now it’s gotten “ridiculous.”

After teaching the talk show host how to Snapchat and unveiling his Major Key cover on the program, Khaled sat down with Kimmel for a hilarious new interview.

Dubbed “3 Ridiculous Questions,” the Ciroc-sponsored Q&A features queries like, “If you know somebody but can’t remember their name, what do you call them?” As one might expect, Khaled delivers some funny quotes in response.

“Bless up,” Khaled says. “I call everybody bless up because that’s a greeting. If I see you, ‘Bless up, Jimmy.’ If I don’t know your name, ‘Bless up!’ It’s called positive vibes. It’s called bless up.” But what happens if someone sneezes? That one’s easy. “Bless you,” Khaled explains. “But still bless up at the same time.”

Later in the sophisticated talk, Jimmy asks what Khaled would choose between a unicorn and a duck with human feet. “I’m gonna go with a unicorn,” the DJ replies. “Special cloth. A duck with human feet? I see that all the time. I see a bunch of ducks out there. They theys.”

Watch Khaled and Kimmel engage in some pilgrim talk below.