Chris Brown

Chris Brown Denies Destroying Villa in Ibiza

Chris Brown fights back.

On Friday (Jul. 1), Breezy refuted allegations that he and his friends were kicked out of a villa in Ibiza after damaging the property and overstaying their rental period.

Posting videos he claims to have taken shortly before leaving the home, Chris says the TMZ-reported story was filled with lies.

“See this house just so y’all know we ain’t no dirty ni**as,” he said. “We ain’t f**kin’ no shit up. So, if y’all see some bullshit on TMZ, them saying ‘Chris Brown and them trashed the house,’ or whatever, that’s the people, the landlords trying to get money.”

In another clip, Brown explains that police did get involved, but that the problems were “non-existent.”

“This is exactly why I recorded all these videos in the house,” he said. “And this was probably 10 minutes before we left to go to the airport. They called the police and did all kind of things without even being in the house, allocating all of these different damages that are non-existent. It doesn’t make sense.

“It’s f**king petty and unnecessary,” he added. “It’s unprofessional. I don’t conduct myself like that. We turn up. We have fun. We not no f**king animals, bro.”