50 Cent

50 Cent Talks Kanye West, Bankruptcy, & Arrest on ‘Conan’

While promoting the third season of his hit Starz show “Power,” 50 Cent paid a visit to “Conan” on Wednesday, and he wasn’t scared to get political. In fact, Curtis compared Kanye West’s potential 2020 presidential run to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“That’s a lot of responsibility,” he said, speaking of Yeezy. “It’s the same thing with Trump.” Coco asked if he was saying that there’s “no difference” between those candidates and 50 responded: “I am saying that.”

The interview also dove into Fif’s finances after his bankruptcy plan was approved by a judge. He was asked why, in the middle of the case, he posted so many photos of himself with bundles of cash.

“My audience doesn’t understand the difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7,” he explained. “When you file chapter 11, you’re really reorganizing. I have four companies that had over 3 or 4 million in each one of them so I can take money out and take those pictures.”

While on the show, 50 also shed light on his recent arrest in Saint Kitts.

“Their laws are just completely different,” he said. “They can play, publicly, the dirty version of your material, your music, but you can’t perform it. They say, at that point, you’re crossing the boundaries of public profanity.

“They’re like the murder capital,” he added. “You’ve got me here for saying [profanities] and you’ve got a murder rate higher than every place I’ve been? I’m like goddamn, man, go catch a murderer.”