Vic Mensa

Vic Mensa Addresses Justin Timberlake and Race in New Freestyle

  /  07.16.2016

Vic Mensa is on fire.

After freestyling on Hot 97 and “Sway in the Morning” last month, the “Free Love” spitter is back with another one, this time across the pond.

Spitting on BBC Radio 1Xtra for DJ Semtex, the Savemoney MC delivers a potent round of bars about race and equality. Nodding his head to the instrumental for Pusha T’s “Numbers on the Boards,” Vic goes in.

“We in the middle of a war time,” he raps. “I ain’t spitting no empty punchlines.” Then, he also discusses Justin Timberlake in some of his rhymes: “I ain’t got no problem with Justin Timberlake / That’s the media spin, don’t believe the shit they say / All I’m saying is you got ni**as that love you / So show that love back, ’cause we’re here in the struggle.”

Thanks to Vic’s freestyle output and his EP There’s Alot Going On, fans have wondered when his debut album is dropping. Well, he addresses that here too. “There wouldn’t be no Martin without Malcolm,” he raps. “No March on Washington without the Black Panthers / Everywhere I go, they asking me about the album / I just play like Sway like I ain’t got the answers.”

Watch Vic put some “Numbers on the Boards” below.

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