50 Cent

Watch 50 Cent Audition for the Role of Han Solo in 'Star Wars'

  /  07.25.2016

The force is with 50 Cent.

The rapper auditions for the role of a young Han Solo alongside stars like Melissa McCarthy, Adam Sandler, Jodie Foster, Bill Hader, and Will Arnett in a hilarious skit for “Conan.”

In the lost footage, Fif dons the complete Han Solo wardrobe, including a wig, as he yells out the famous Ford line: “Never tell me the odds!” However, Fif can’t seem to hold his weapon correctly. “What the fuck you want me to do?” he asks. “Tell me what you want.”

Despite the laughs, Curtis didn’t the land the role. Back in May, actor Alden Ehrenreich was cast in an upcoming Star Wars-related film.

Of course, Han is now an iconic character made famous by Harrison Ford, who first stared as Solo in Star Wars back in 1977.

Watch the funny auditions below.

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