Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Performs at Democratic National Convention

  /  07.27.2016

Alicia Keys was part of history last night at the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

As Hillary Clinton became the first woman nominated for president of the United States by a major political party, Keys took the stage for a triumphant performance of her own.

“Women are the answer,” she said. “We have the power to ensure that this country gets on the right path. I dedicate this song to the mothers of the movement and all mothers who have lost their sons or daughters to senseless violence. until we deal with gun violence in this country, we can’t claim home of the brave.

“It’s time to stand together and be unified,” she said. “We can’t let politics divide us. We have to show the world that bigotry and fear will never win because we have so much in common.

Keys’ unifying theme was carried over into her second song. Following a performance of her As I Am single “Superwoman,” Alicia launched into “In Common.”

“Tonight is a celebration,” she said. “We are stronger together. The way forward is with acceptance and love. Lets acknowledge our differences and celebrate them. Dr. King said the last word must always be love.”

The night’s historic nature wasn’t lost on Keys, who made more references to it as she walked off stage.

“Tonight is an incredible night for American history and feminist history,” she said. “Don’t waste a vote. Vote for Hillary Clinton because love will always win.”

As the “Girl on Fire” instrumental played, the Democratic nominee then appeared on screen to accept the nomination via satellite.

Watch Keys’ powerful performance below.

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