Frank Ocean Launches Mysterious ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Video Stream

Frank Ocean’s ongoing Boys Don’t Cry saga has a new chapter.

Late on Sunday (Jul. 31), a mysterious visual stream popped up on the Grammy winner’s website, It was a black-and-white video that appeared to be shot at a warehouse. However, no music was heard, at first.

Those hoping it would lead to a Boys Don’t Cry release never got the album. Eventually, only sporadic snippets of music played in the background.

However, there could be reason to believe new music is on the way. Based on the logo that appears in the video, Apple Music is involved. Still, little more is known for certain.

Artist Francisco Soriano took credit for directing the video, which appears to be titled “Endless,” in a since-deleted Instagram post. Soriano also added Apple’s Cupertino headquarters as the location for his update.

It would have made sense if Boys Don’t Cry dropped yesterday. At the top of last month, Frank teased a novel, as well as a July release date for the long-awaited album.

However, it’s also not the first time fans have been disappointed by a release date that’s come and gone. Boys Don’t Cry, the follow-up to 2012’s channel ORANGE, has been delayed several times.