Will Smith

Will Smith Performs ‘Summertime’ on ‘The Late Show’

Here it is, a groove, slightly transformed, performed once again by Will Smith.

While promoting his new film Suicide Squad, the Fresh Prince appeared on “The Late Show” to deliver a rendition of his ’90s classic “Summertime.”

It was an impromptu performance that took place during a commercial break. While Stephen Colbert’s musical team played the track in the background, Big Willie decided to join in.

This is becoming a bit of a fun routine for Smith, who also performed “Summertime” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last year. Around the same time, he also delivered a similarly improvised performance of the song on “The Late Show,” back when it was still hosted by David Letterman.

Smith stars as Deadshot in the highly-anticipated blockbuster Suicide Squad, due in theaters Friday (Aug. 5). While the film has received less-than-stellar reviews, Will’s performance has been said to “stand out” as a highlight.

Watch the Fresh Prince perform “Summertime” below.