Monica and Missy Elliott

Watch Monica and Missy Elliott Join the ‘So Gone’ Challenge

Who’s better than the original? That might be Monica’s point as the R&B songstress just dropped her own “So Gone” challenge.

The #SoGoneChallenge is quickly spreading across social media. It involves rapping over Monica’s 2003 single “So Gone” and even stars like Chance the Rapper are getting in on it.

Upon hearing about the social media craze that she inspired, Mrs. Brown decided to give it a go herself. Standing in front of a Missy Elliott mural and joined by the trailblazing producer herself, Monica snapped over her own track.

“In studio with @missyelliott and decided to join my own challenge #SoGoneChallenge,” said Mo. “You all continue to inspire me.”

And she didn’t hold back with her bars. “Monica will still snap,” she raps. “Kick down doors until my heels crack / Now I’m making racks while they rapping on my old track.”

Later, she adds to that with a smile. “Heard there was a #SoGoneChallenge,” she rhymes. “Man, I said ‘No way’ / Song still bang like we in 20-0-3.”

Watch Monica’s sick flow below.