Brandon Moore, Joie Manda, YG, and John Janick

YG’s 4Hunnid Records Signs Multi-Million Dollar Joint Venture with Interscope

YG is bringing 4Hunnid Records to Interscope.

After launching his label last year, the Def Jam spitter has announced a multi-million dollar joint venture with Interscope, according to Billboard.

With this move, YG is reunited with Joie Manda, the President of Urban Music at Interscope and a former Def Jam exec, who helped YG early in his career.

“After the album came out and had its success, Joie was really behind our whole movement and everything we had going on,” explained YG. “[Joie] knew what I did, who I had something to do with. With the album being a classic, [DJ] Mustard popping off, Ty [Dolla $ign] popping off ’cause we all from the same camp, he felt like I could have my own label and do the same things that we did for ourselves and other artists.”

Manda sees a bright future for the budding label. “I’ve gotten to know YG and his team over the past few years,” he said. “[I] have full belief in their vision to build a label that moves the culture.”

YG has his own vision for the label, one that he says will launch primarily as a Left Coast brand.

“Before the world believes in you, you gon’ have to pop some shit off from your section and your culture,” he explained. “Then when that happens, we gon’ be able to go get who we want from wherever and see where they from, but I’m really trying to pop off someone from my side first.”

The 4Hunnid CEO and creative director — who dropped his sophomore album Still Brazy in June — adds that he will be “on everybody ass” by overseeing the operation. And what’s his business plan? “Flood the market,” he said. “Stay on they neck!”