Video: T.I. - 'We Will Not'

  /  08.19.2016

T.I. “Will Not” stand for injustice.

The King of the South’s latest music video for “We Will Not” premiered today through TIDAL and features protest snapshots to match the song’s socially and politically-charged lyrics.

“We sick of the garbage you kickin’ and teachin’,” he raps. “And lynchin’ us / Lockin’ us up for no reason, they killin’ us.”

With protest images filling the screen, Tip is shown watching it all unfold. “Assassinate all the leaders who leadin’ us,” he rhymes. “Leave us with ones who misleadin’ us / Then go reward all the ones who mistreat us.”

“We Will Not” is the first single off Tip’s upcoming EP Us or Else. Watch the video’s powerful imagery below.

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