Cassie Announces New Single ‘Makeup’

Cassie is gearing up for a comeback.

More than three years after her RockaByeBaby mixtape, the Bad Boy songstress has announced a new single called “Makeup.” While on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs, Cassie told “E! News” that she’s been crafting her latest effort with producer Detail.

“I did a lot of records with Detail,” she explained. “We have a single coming up called ‘Makeup,’ which I think the ladies are gonna love…coming soon.”

She even gave a tease of the track, adding: “I keep faces for the makeup” with a smile.

The model-actress-singer, who celebrated her 30th birthday last week, has been in the headlines recently thanks to her relationship with Diddy. Earlier this month, police were called to investigate a domestic issue after the couple broke up. However, no crime was reported and the two reconciled shortly after.

During the interview, Cassie didn’t directly address her relationship with Puff, but she did say that “love is always real.”