Lupe Fiasco

Video: Lupe Fiasco - 'Pick Up the Phone'

  /  08.29.2016

Can you hear him now? Lupe Fiasco is taking on technology with his latest video for “Pick Up the Phone.”

The storytelling visual depicts a young man caught up in his cell phone, while the lyrics convey a similar statement.

“Every single click is just hammering it home,” raps Fiasco. “Who knew Russian roulette involved answering the phone / Until my signal dwindles or my channel is in roam / Or my cell phone dies or it’s cancer in my dome.”

However, the video ends up being about much more than cell phones when the protagonist finds his girl slumped in a bathroom.

Fiasco previously announced his final three LPs—Drogas, Skulls, and Roy—for 2016, but none have been released yet.

For now, watch the “Pick Up the Phone” story unfold through social media below (via Complex).

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