War Zone

New Music: T.I. - 'War Zone'

  /  08.31.2016

Hot off the video for “We Will Not,” T.I. heads to the front lines on “War Zone,” another politically-charged single off his upcoming EP Us or Else.

Over a thumping instrumental, Tip unleashes lyrics that shine a light on police brutality and injustice. “Hands up,” he chants on the chorus. “Can’t breathe!”

Throughout the cut, the King of the South approaches these topics from a historical perspective. “I’ll be a martyr if my great granddaughter benefit,” he raps. “They pull you over ask you where your license at / Be careful reaching for it, you know you can die for that / This ain’t nothing new, they got cameras just so you can see the shit that got Dr. King and Abe Lincoln asking where the freedom at.”

Later, Tip also addresses the prison system’s tribulations. “I want what’s best for the country,” he says. “You rather send it to hell / How you get free labor from ni**as you sending to jail / Modern day slavery still.”

The track follows the protest-inspired video for “We Will Not,” which featured scenes from rallies across the country over police brutality. “We sick of the garbage you kickin’ and teachin’,” he raps. “And lynchin’ us / Lockin’ us up for no reason, they killin’ us.”

Both “We Will Not” and “War Zone” are set to appear on Tip’s politically-motivated EP Us or Else, which is scheduled to arrive soon.

Listen to ‘War Zone’ via TIDAL

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