Future the Prince and Drake

Drake Upset After Millions in Jewelry Stolen from Tour Bus

Drake is “Charged Up” after his jewelry was stolen.

According to TMZ, Drake and his DJ, Future the Prince, had 2-to-3 million dollars worth of jewels highjacked while the “Summer Sixteen Tour” hit Phoenix on Tuesday (Sept. 6).

Drizzy is visibly upset in the clip, being demonstrative while clapping his hands and seemingly screaming.

The 6 God has rapped about having all of his jewelry on the road in the past. “Get my jewelry out the safe ’cause I’m back on road,” he spits on Gucci Mane’s “Back on Road.”

Nevertheless, the report claims the jewelry belongs to Future the Prince. A previous story claimed it was the rapper Future’s, though police have debunked that now.

The thieves reportedly took a briefcase full of the jewelry off a bus shared by Drake and The Prince. Detectives are investigating the heist now.

The show must go on. Drake and Future (and Future the Prince) are set to continue their “Summer Sixteen” run tonight in Los Angeles.