Monica Opens Up About 'So Gone Challenge' Drama with Brandy

  /  09.11.2016

Monica has no beef with Brandy.

A fan recently asked Brandy if she would participate in the #SoGoneChallenge, a Monica-inspired viral sensation. Her response? “Chile bye.”

During her appearance on the Season 3 premiere of “The Real,” which airs Monday (Sept. 12), Monica was asked about the perceived shade.

“I’m not bothered at all,” she said. “This is what I always say, honestly. The old me and the new me are two different things. This journey of self-progression and self-love and empowerment that I’m on, I can’t go backwards. I think that was just a test from God for me. I’ve always thought that she was one of the most legendary people and has one of the most amazing voices, and her runs and riffs.

“I think that some of it’s been blown out of proportion to a degree, but I can’t tell my kids to do something that I can’t do,” she added. “It was just a test for me to always take the high road and know that in anything that happens in this life, if it’s meant for you, it’s yours. Nobody can stop it or stand in the way of it. So, I wasn’t bothered at all.”

In fact, Monica said she hasn’t ruled out a reunion with Brandy.

“I would work with her again,” she explained. “It’s never been an easy situation, but the reason I would do it is because we are from a special elite group. It was her, Aaliyah, and myself and it was a very special time where each of us were individuals, we did our own thing, and we all made our own mark. And the truth and reality of it is that the only Grammy either of us has is together. So, that to me says something special. So yeah, I absolutely would.”

Brandy and Monica have been closely tied since their 1998 hit, “The Boys Is Mine.” While there were rumors of a feud, Monica seemed to admit to a physical altercation in 2012.

“I’ve said I’m sorry,” she told Angie Martinez at the time. “I take this very serious.” Then, she directed a question at Brandy. “Did I not apologize to you though, as a woman?”

“You did,” Brandy replied.

“I meant that from my heart,” added Monica.

Watch Monica’s “The Real” interview above and listen to the interview regarding the physical altercation below.


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