2 Chainz

2 Chainz Drinks $600 Coffee Made from Cat Poop

2 Chainz has explored the world of expensive kittens, but now he’s moved into the world of expensive coffee made from…cat poop.

In the latest episode of Tity Boy’s “Most Expensivest Shit” series for GQ, one half of ColleGrove finds out how pricey coffee brewing can get with Jeremy Kuempel, the founder of Blossom Coffee.

Part of that includes drinking Kopi Luwak coffee, which is made of cat feces and it doesn’t come cheap. The $600 per pound coffee is prepared in a $6,000 Blossom brewer.

“What does this do?” 2 Chainz asks. “It talks? It has an alarm clock on it? For $6,000, this should jump cars off. It should have an air pump on it. It should have XM Radio on it.”

Although the machine doesn’t come with an XM Radio, 2 Chainz was still intrigued, especially since he needs it for all his late-night studio sessions.

“I’m up all night,” he explains. “I start recording maybe at 1 at night. I can’t even lie. Coffee’s something that I hadn’t been doing my whole life. It’s like a recent thing. I’m trying to balance my vices. If it’s not Skittles, it’s coffee. I try not to do both.”

And now, he’s thinking about adding the expensive coffee equipment to his lab, “cupping” with style. “I’ma have the boys kicking it, pinky up 90 degrees,” he adds. “Real playa shit.”