Jhené Aiko

Video: Gallant feat. Jhené Aiko - 'Skipping Stones'

  /  09.28.2016

Jhené Aiko is a femme fatale in the video for her Gallant collaboration, “Skipping Stones.”

The song, which dropped in February, opens with Gallant’s smooth falsetto, but the visual isn’t as soothing. Instead, we see him beaten, bruised, and tied up in a trunk.

By the time Jhené’s angelic voice is heard, things take a fiery turn. Clearly no angel, Aiko has a lighter in her hand to go with her deadly plan.

Gallant was proud of the way the video was shot, saying it was similar to his musical process. “I’m really into the whole one shot thing,” he told Complex. “Even just the way that I write, I really like living into a moment.

“Digging into all the subtext that that moment kind of carries,” he added. “I thought that this particular scene would just very naturally, in a very subtly complex way, kind of just illustrate exactly all of the fiery emotions that are coming through lyrically in the song from both perspectives.”

Watch “Skipping Stones” below.

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