Questlove Interviews Prince’s Revolution on ‘Questlove Supreme’

Questlove is back for another episode of “Questlove Supreme.”

After last week’s discussion regarding rap’s renaissance, the show focuses on Prince this week with special guests, The Revolution.

The legendary drummer shared his love for the Purple One throughout, adding reverence for his band.

“We’re going on a road trip,” he explained at the top of the episode. “On this very special Minneapolis episode of ‘Questlove Supreme,’ we’re gonna talk to one of the hardest-working bands of all time. That’s right. I say they’re the hardest-working band. No band has prepped more, rehearsed more, and perfected more than The Revolution.”

During the episode, members of The Revolution made many revelations, including the fact that Prince would fine them $200 for every mistake they made.

Expect another episode next week. Fans can join the Quest every Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST as the legendary drummer continues to explore behind-the-scenes-stories in music.