Video: JoJo – ‘Music.’

JoJo tugs at heart strings with her endearing, nostalgia-filled video for “Music.” off her highly-anticipated album, Mad Love.

With soaring vocals over soothing piano keys, JoJo sings about family, growth, and music. Meanwhile, childhood videos of the young singer on stage tie it all together.

There are stirring moments throughout the VHS-themed clip, perhaps most moving when JoJo sings about her late father.

“Went on the road to make my daddy proud,” she sings. “But I lost him and so I sang to the crowd / My only hope is that he’s looking down / Thinking, ‘Oh my God! My daughter’s doing it now.'”

Mad Love., featuring the Remy Ma-assisted “FAB.” and the Wiz Khalifa-backed “Fuck Apologies,” is due Oct. 14.

Take a wonderful, tear-jerking trip down memory lane with JoJo’s “Music.” video below.