Mac Miller and Ariana Grande

Mac Miller & Ariana Grande Perform 'My Favorite Part'

  /  10.11.2016

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande put their love on display yet again.

The couple performed a laid-back, head-knocking, and intimate version of their new collaboration “My Favorite Part” on the AUDIENCE Network concert special, “Mac Miller: The Divine Feminine.”

With a live band jamming behind them, the pair dueted on The Divine Feminine track. “You just don’t know how beautiful you are,” they sang to one another. “And baby, that’s my favorite part.”

In between playful stares, the two serenaded one another. At one point, they even lovingly giggled through the lyrics before getting back on track for the harmony at the end.

Mac capped things off with a spin move and rather than a kiss for gossip fodder, they ended with a handshake. “Pleasure working with you,” said Miller. “Good stuff.”

“I’ll be in touch,” Ari added from backstage. “For sure,” he replied, with a sly smile.

Watch their endearing performance below.

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