LeBron James and Lil Yachty

LeBron James and Lil Yachty Team Up in Sprite Commercial

  /  10.12.2016

Just weeks before the NBA season kicks off, LeBron James teams up with Lil Yachty in a new commercial for Sprite’s #WannaSprite ad campaign.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” says the Cavaliers champ. “I’d never tell you to drink Sprite, even if I was in a commercial for Sprite, which I am, or you were watching it, which you are. I wouldn’t tell you to drink it no matter what that cue card says.”

As he continues, Bron-Bron goes through various scenarios, including one that features Lil Boat playing the piano in an ice-filled cave. “Even if this were a metaphor about Sprite and I was talking about Sprite and Lil Yachty here was paid by Sprite to write lyrics about Sprite,” James adds, “I still wouldn’t tell you to drink Sprite.”

That’s when Lil Boat shows off the new Sprite mini-jingle by remixing “Minnesota.” “Cold like a Sprite soda,” he sings with his braids dancing around and LeBron bobbing his head. “Cold like a Sprite soda!”

Sprite’s no stranger to hip-hop. In 2010, Drake famously appeared in an ad for the brand and just last year, the company placed Drizzy, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and Rakim lyrics on its cans as part of the “Obey Your Verse” campaign. This year, the campaign returned with rhymes by J. Cole, Tupac, and Missy Elliott.

Watch Yachty sing for Sprite below.


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