Tyga Gets Ill in Court When Questioned About Kylie Jenner Gifts

  /  10.20.2016

Tyga gets grilled in the courtroom.

Celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills took T-Raww to court on Tuesday (Oct. 18) over a $200,000 judgement on a chain and watch.

During the court date, Tyga reportedly spoke openly about his income and his properties. However, when asked about gifts he’s given Kylie Jenner, King Gold Chains got “extremely ill, lost memory, and became confused” before telling his lawyer “he just couldn’t go on,” as per TMZ.

Jenner and Tyga have been open about their lavish gifts to one another on social media. In August, for example, the rapper reportedly bought his on-again-off-again girlfriend a Maybach for her 19th birthday.

That was brought up because the jeweler claims if Tyga can afford the new whip, he could afford to pay the $200,000 he owes. If he didn’t in fact buy her the car, it would look like the famous couple was lying on social media.

T-Raww was likely not in a good mood even before this. Walking in, he was filmed flipping off and pointing an imaginary gun at cameramen.

Due to Tyga’s illness, the hearing was rescheduled for Nov. 1, which is when Kylie is also scheduled to come in for an interview about the case.

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