New Music: YG – ‘One Time Comin”

Do the Forrest Gump and start runnin’. YG is back with another politically-charged banger, “One Time Comin’,” dedicated to the victims of police brutality.

The new slapper allows the Compton spitter to unleash havoc on 5-0. “You think you hard with your badge, huh?” he asks. “Pop you a ni**a, then you laugh, huh? / Think our life don’t matter / ‘Cause our family’s scattered.”

Throughout the song, YG also explains his mindset. “One time comin’,” he raps. “Gotta run from ’em / ‘Cause they might pull a gun on ’em / Told my daughter ‘Daddy love you’ when I left the crib.”

Later, he adds to the theme by bringing up a famous Tom Hanks character: “Oh shit, everybody start runnin’ / Do the Forrest Gump / Do the Forrest Gump / Get away, young ni**a!”

This isn’t the first time YG has tackled police brutality in his music. Earlier this year, his album Still Brazy featured the song “Police Get Away with Murder.”

Listen to “One Time Comin'” below.