Nick Jonas and Kevin Hart

Watch Kevin Hart & Nick Jonas Face Off in a Rap Battle

After battling T-Pain and rapping with Lil Wayne, Chocolate Droppa takes on a new opponent—Nick Jonas.

Under his rap alter ego Vanilla Wafer, Jonas rhymes about his new whip, Fendi kicks, and even provides some explicit lines. “Bad bitches all on my dick,” he raps before pointing at Droppa. “And they like, ‘Who this?'”

Later, he compares himself to Drake and Droppa to Meek Mill. But Kevin Hart’s rhyming alter ego, who recently released What Now? The Mixtape, doesn’t let himself be diminished without fighting back. Shirtless, Droppa hits Nick off with some astute observations.

“Take a zipper in a jacket and you can’t always zip it up,” he rhymes. “What I’m saying is that my rhymes don’t always go up / Sometimes it gets jammed in the middle and that shit get stuck.”

Droppa’s no mercy mentality shouldn’t come as a surprise. In September, he told Rap-Up he was ready to battle music’s biggest names.

“You gotta go straight for the head on a snake before you go for the body where the babies at,” he explained. “When you cut off the head, then the babies ain’t gonna have no place to go and talk to they mama. So, my thing was, cut off the head so people don’t have no mama.”

Watch the battle between Vanilla Wafer and Chocolate Droppa below.