Meek Mill Opens Up About Drake, The Game, & Nicki Minaj

  /  10.31.2016

Meek Mill opens up.

After teasing the conversation last week, “Tax Season” has released its latest episode, one that features Meek as an open book.

There was plenty to talk about in the nearly two-hour conversation. Driving podcaster Tax Stone through Atlanta in a Rolls-Royce Wraith, Meek addressed it all, including his various beefs with Drake, Wale, The Game, Beanie Sigel, Quentin Miller, and Safaree.

Of course, Nicki Minaj was also a part of the conversation. She came up at various points in the interview with Meek praising his girlfriend and saying he doesn’t understand why rappers keep mentioning her.

Listen to the full podcast episode and see highlights from the Q&A below.

On “Back to Back”: “I ain’t think it was no shit that people was gonna be like, ‘You got killed.’ I thought it was hot…Like when we shoot at ni**as, you gotta shoot a ni**a through the heart. When you wake up in the mirror, you looking in the mirror, you hearing what the ni**a told you, some shit about yourself that you can’t even deal with. That’s how we battle where we come from.”

On not responding to Drake immediately: “I was on tour at this time, when all that shit was going on. When I record, I don’t really record like that. And I always move at my time. Even with Game, I wasn’t even gonna make no diss record about him.”

On Nicki Minaj: “Everybody’s go-to is Nicki. What’s that about? Is that a bad thing? Is that a bad thing that I have a go-getter as my lady? Is that a bad thing? Am I supposed to have a young starlet? Is that a bad thing? Yeah, ni**a, I’m from North Philly. I’m from the trap. The chain on my neck is a big deal, not to mention shorty. She on a whole ‘nother level in life as a person and artist. Yeah, I’m on my girl’s tour. We getting right every night. I’m clearing a hundred every night. She probably clearing like 450 or some shit like that. It’s lit! I didn’t think that was a bad thing.”

On Safaree allegations: “That’s a lie. How would I FaceTime Nicki when Safaree with some bitches. When was Safaree ever around me when I could FaceTime Nicki? Me and her only been two years. I’ve been at his head for two years. I don’t fuck with him. I didn’t fuck with him when that was going on. He was somebody cool that I knew but I like her, she look like she for me, you don’t look like you handling business right at this second right now. You ain’t my friend. I’m going for what I know. How can I FaceTime Nicki when I’m with him with some bitches?”

On Wale: “Wale, he our peoples, but if you being a certain way, I’m gonna say what I feel. I gotta control that. That’s what comes with being famous.”

On The Game calling him a rat: “It was an immediate issue. We at them. We ain’t doing no talking. This is what I’m on. I rap. You’re trying to destroy my name in the streets.”

On Sean Kingston: “I don’t talk to Sean Kingston on the phone nor do I really talk to Sean Kingston. I ain’t talk to Sean Kingston until this incident. You had my name in that?”

On Beanie Sigel: “I don’t feel nothing. I don’t know what that was…I looked up to Beanie Sigel my whole life as a young ni**a…You go on camera and basically saying I had something done to you. That’s enough to put me in jail. You’re saying I told him something about my girl. That was trifling. You’re trying to send me to jail. You’re trying to screw my relationship. You’re trying to get close to me, basically trying set me up, kill me, rob me, bring me harm. Trying to say you wrote that shit. You’re basically trying to destroy me.”

On Quentin Miller: “I didn’t have Quentin Miller ran up on. He’s a soft guy, man. I don’t even get into that field with ni**as like that. I didn’t have him ran down on.”

On Taking an L: “I can’t be an L. That’s why I started making money Ls and putting them on Instagram. As long as I’m in a Wraith, I can’t be an L. As long as I got all blue money in my pocket, I can’t be an L. As long as my mom is in Jersey, it’s impossible.”


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