Common & Ava DuVernay Debut ‘Black America Again’ Short Film

Common has turned the title track off his new album Black America Again into a 20-minute visual presentation executive produced by acclaimed filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

With beautifully captured black-and-white scenes, the film features portraits of various people of all ages. It also includes a powerful song in front of a Freddie Gray mural and stunning dance sequences.

A standout scene finds Common rapping the lyrics to “Black America Again” while Jabari Exum plays the djembe. Stevie Wonder also lends his vocals as he sings about “rewriting the black American story” — the hook to the BAA title track.

Common recently contributed “Letter to the Free” to DuVernay’s Netflix documentary 13th and he raps about the director on “The Day Women Took Over,” also off Black America Again.

This is the second visual for “Black America Again.” The first was also shot in black-and-white and featured portraits of people, including Common, in tears.

Black America Again is out now.