Good Vs. Evil

New Music: KXNG Crooked feat. Eminem - 'Welcome to Planet X'

  /  11.04.2016

KXNG Crooked (formerly known as Crooked I) and Eminem take fans on a voyage to a new world with their fresh collaboration “Welcome to Planet X (We’re Coming for You).”

A message from Marshall Mathers sets the stage for the song’s narrative. “I live in a world that’s different than your world,” says Slim. “Your world still believes in things like free speech and democracy. Those things don’t exist in my world anymore. Welcome to my world. Welcome to Planet X, motherfucker.”

Shady’s intro leads into Crooked’s other-worldly raps. “It used to be public pools,” he rhymes. “Kids loved to swim ’till the summer end / Now it’s enough poison in the water to poison your son and daughter / You can blame the government.”

The song sets the stage for the Slaughterhouse MC’s forthcoming album Good Vs. Evil.

“Taking place in an alternate reality, ‘Planet X’ kicks off the concept of the entire album. Right away, Eminem provides commentary that lets you know you’re being exposed to a world different than your own,” Crooked told Billboard. “Similarities like environmental racism, police brutality, extreme poverty, crooked cops and politicians exist, but in this alternate reality the lower class citizens use violence to fight back at all times. So if you’re the governor of Michigan and the people of Flint blame you for its water crisis, they’ll come for your head!”

After working together on tracks like “Shady CXVPHER” and “Throw That,” Crook praised Em for lending a hand on such a serious track. “I love this record because it touches on topics like the destruction of the middle class, the plight of poor people, and it has the presence of my superstar homie Eminem, which forces people to pay attention to the issues the song tackles,” he added. “Thanks Em!”

Good Vs. Evil is out Nov. 11.

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