Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan Talks Atlanta, Gucci Mane, & Influences

  /  11.04.2016

Rich Homie Quan takes fans on a trip through Atlanta. Working with Boost Mobile on the brand’s “We Are Where You At” campaign, the “Flex” rapper delves into his life and his influences as an ATLien.

“For me, the influence is everything in Atlanta,” Quan explains. “In the hood, there ain’t a lot of TV, it’s more radio so all we’re hearing is music.” The music that raised him included snap anthems from the likes of D4L, as well as trap anthems by Jeezy, T.I., and Gucci Mane.

Speaking of Guwop, Rich reveals backstory that explains just how important Zwizzop is to the A. “After I met Gucci Mane, I felt as though I had some confidence,” he says. “Gucci Mane probably touched hands with every Atlanta rapper who’s on the scene now…He just had a vision. I guess he saw it in us before we saw it in us. At the time, I didn’t have no swag. I was broke…We all had dreams.”

Rich views Atlanta as a hotbed for a specific brand of rap. “Right now, the Atlanta music is more swag as opposed to a message right now,” he explains. “Not saying that’s a bad thing because that’s just hip-hop right now. I just feel like it’s more of a fashion statement as opposed to music right now.”

The video released by Boost Mobile is just one example of what the brand is doing with hip-hop. Much like it did with Kanye West and Ludacris in 2004, Boost has reached out to artists like Quan, Desiigner, Scarface, and Murs for this year’s “We Are Where You At” initiative.

In a world full of rules and restrictions, Boost Mobile offers a new idea. Go Unlimited for just $30/mo. No overages. No games. No kidding. Set yourself free with Boost Mobile. We Are #WhereYouAt

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