Watch Tinashe's 'Nightride' Visual

  /  11.04.2016

Tinashe is entering a new era with Nightride. The accompanying visual for her freshly-released project finds her opening up about this new phase in her career.

“I’m so sick of appeasing people,” she says in the clip. “You have to be a soldier. You have to be willing every day to go out there and look at the world and say, ‘I know the situation is fucked up. I know this isn’t fair. You just have to enjoy it for what it is because it’s a fucked up, twisted journey.'”

After “ERA II” flashes on screen, fans are taken through a different twisted journey, one that sees Tinashe in a plastic bag, with lipstick on her teeth, and having her face held by a flurry of hands. At times she looks pained and upset, at times seductive and happy.

“Soft as a feather,” sings Tinashe while holding a lighter on her tongue and dancing in a parking garage. “Black as the night / Break me to pieces, sharp as a knife.”

Go on a “Nightride” with Tinashe below.

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