We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service

A Tribe Called Quest Reveals 'We got it from Here…' Tracklisting

  /  11.09.2016

Start “Buggin’ Out” because A Tribe Called Quest is back.

Days away from dropping their first album in 18 years, We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service, the seminal rap group has unleashed the tracklisting.

Due Friday (Nov. 11), the 16-track set is expected to feature Kendrick Lamar, André 3000, Elton John, Consequence, and Busta Rhymes.


This weekend, Tribe’s surviving members will join host Dave Chappelle on “Saturday Night Live’s” first episode since the presidential election results were announced.

Though it’s unclear what songs ATCQ will perform on the show, they do have a song on the album titled “The Donald,” which could be a reference to President-elect Donald Trump.

See the tracklisting below.

We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service Tracklisting

1. “The Space Program”
2. “We the People….”
3. “Whateva Will Be”
4. “Solid Wall of Sound”
5. “Dis Generation”
6. “Kids…”
7. “Melatonin”
8. “Enough”
9. “Mobius”
10. “Black Spasmodic”
11. “The Killing Season”
12. “Lost Somebody”
13. “Movin Backwards”
14. “Conrad Tokoyo”
15. “Ego”
16. “The Donald”

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