Q-Tip and Kendrick Lamar

New Music: A Tribe Called Quest feat. Kendrick Lamar - 'Conrad Tokyo'

  /  11.12.2016

A Tribe Called Quest is gaining critical acclaim for its final album We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your service, which includes appearances from André 3000, Busta Rhymes, Elton John, and Kendrick Lamar, who guests on the politically-conscious “Conrad Tokyo.”

While he passed away in March, the late Phife Dawg was able to see into the future with his pertinent commentary. “Move with the fuckery,” rhymes the Five Footer. “Trump and ‘SNL’ hilarity / Troublesome times, kid, no times for comedy.”

K-Dot, who has visited the White House and is one of President Obama’s favorite MCs, also offers political thoughts.

“Toleration for devastation, got a hunger for sin,” he raps. “Every nation abomination, let the coroner in / Crooked faces, red and blue laces for the color of men / Just embrace it and die alone, song of revelation.”

Phife’s mention of “SNL” is also a timely one. Tonight, Tribe is set to perform on “Saturday Night Live” alongside host Dave Chappelle.

Bounce to Tokyo with Phife and Kendrick below.

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