Young Thug

Video: Young Thug feat. Duke – ‘Webbie’

Young Thug taps Duke for “Webbie,” the latest music video from his JEFFERY album.

Rhyming in a studio and inside a lavish home, Thug delivers his melody-driven track, which borrows its name from the Baton Rouge rapper.

“My mama can’t lose,” he rhymes. “I’ma keep her in a fresh car / And I’ma put on them shoes / I’ma keep her so froze up / Yeah, I’ma keep her in some jewels.”

Duke also reflects on his mother’s advice. “Got on mines and I got tired of waitin’,” he sing-raps. “Mama said, ‘You gonna make it, you gotta be patient’ / Came out the hood, trapped out the stove out that vacant / Now we flyin’ different places, fuckin’ bitches all different races.”

Thug is clearly not done promoting August’s JEFFERY, but he’s already gearing up for a new project, which is reportedly due before the end of the year.