Lil Durk and 21 Savage

New Music: Lil Durk feat. 21 Savage – ‘Shooter 2x’

In preparation for his new project They Forgot, Lil Durk taps 21 Savage for “Shooter 2x.”

True to the song title, 21 delivers a slew of gun references during his menacing verse. “MAC-11 smoke your baby daddy like some hookah,” raps Savage. “We got GLOCKs, Ks, TECs, ni**a, and bazookas / Clip long like a ruler.”

For his part, Durk focuses on how his upbringing raised him to understand a shooter’s perspective. “I just came out poverty / I just spent 50 on property,” he raps. “I’m from the streets of the gun violence.”

Hot off “Baller’s” release, “Shooter 2x” is the second single off They Forgot, which is due this month. It follows this year’s Lil Durk 2x and last year’s 300 Days, 300 Nights.

Durk is currently on a nationwide tour, which wraps Dec. 23 in Columbus, Ohio.