John Legend

New Music: John Legend - 'I Know Better'

  /  11.25.2016

Allow John Legend to reintroduce himself. A week before dropping his fifth album Darkness and Light, the R&B superstar unleashes the opening track “I Know Better.”

“They say sing what you know, but I’ve sung what they want,” sings Legend. “Some folks do what they’re told, but baby this time I won’t.”

After explaining that he’s done “some things” he “can’t justify,” he continues to explain how his career is making a turn.

“You see me and nothing more,” he sings. “I’m singing what I know… / Legend is just a name / I know better than to be so proud / I won’t drink in all this fame / I’ll take more love than I’m allowed.”

“I Know Better” drops following the Chance the Rapper-assisted “Penthouse Floor” and lead single “Love Me Now.”

Due Dec. 2, Darkness and Light also features Miguel (“Overload”) and Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard (“Darkness and Light”).

“If you follow me on Twitter, you know I have a point of view,” Legend told the Los Angeles Times. “I want to do the same with my art. I want to contribute to the conversation.”

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