Post Malone

Post Malone Talks Trolling with Justin Bieber & Unreleased Kanye West Songs

With just a week until the release of his debut album Stoney, Post Malone stopped by Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” for an interview.

Donning a faux fur coat, Posty explained how his music will change some minds. “If you was hatin’, it’s gonna backfire,” he said. “Because this album is super fire.”

Elsewhere during the Q&A, White Iverson confirmed that Justin Bieber, Kehlani, Quavo, and 2 Chainz are featured on Stoney, along with production from Pharrell Williams and Metro Boomin.

Between sips of Bud Light, the rapper-singer also opened up about his infamous “fight” with Justin Bieber, saying that the duo “trolled the world.” Watch the full interview and read highlights below.

On his girlfriend: “I won’t let her be famous. I’m psychopathic. I want to fight every dude that talks to her. I’m strong. I just don’t want to kill nobody.”

On his bond with Bieber: “He came to the studio. I said, ‘You want a beer?’ He had a beer. I had a beer. We had a chug-off, went back and forth and we just clicked.”

On choke-slamming Justin Bieber: “I choke-slammed him. We was just playing. We were in the club and we was just having fun. We was like, ‘Let’s make everybody think that we hate each other.’ So, I turned around and just grabbed him.’ We trolled the whole world.”

On saying the n-word: “I made a boo-boo.”

On meeting Kanye West: “I met him at Kylie [Jenner]’s birthday. She invited me to do her birthday, which was super-duper dope. Kanye was like, ‘I like your stuff. Let’s get in.’ We did and we made a couple songs. ‘Fade’ is out. There’s a couple that’s not.”

On unreleased work with Kanye: “There’s another track that’s not out. Very under wraps. I’m hoping [it comes out]. It’s a fire record and very relevant.”