DJ Khaled Brings ‘The Keys’ to Harvard University

Cloth talk! DJ Khaled shared his keys with the students at Harvard.

The Snapchat King and author/mogul Arianna Huffington visited the prestigious university on Friday (Dec. 9) to promote Khaled’s new book The Keys, which is out now.

Khaled rolled through the school with his newborn son, Asahd. Clearly, he’s already exposing the “young icon” to higher learning. “My son is at Harvard Business School,” he said in a Snap. “We’re gonna talk keys with the students.”

During his conversation, Khaled revealed the importance of these types of discussions. “It’s about teaching the young world not to fall,” he explained. “Give them the keys so they won’t fall, so they’ll be conscious and aware.”

He also addressed the ever-present “They.” “They are the people that don’t want me in this school,” he added. “They are the people that don’t want us to be winners. They want us to lose.”

This was part of a series of discussions that Khaled and the former Huffington Post editor-in-chief are hosting. On Thursday, the two also visited Columbia, where the producer spoke on fatherhood as well as The Keys.

“I’m a father now,” he said (via Billboard). “My son is my biggest blessing ever in my life. I’ve been searching for happiness and joy my whole life, and I am happy and joyful for life, but this is something I can’t explain, I can’t put in no words. I’m going to make sure I secure the bag on another level, to make sure he’s good. Be humble, be confident, take care of your family, do the right thing.”