Video: Fergie – ‘Life Goes On’

Fergie hits the highway with her homegirls in the beach-themed music video for “Life Goes On,” the latest single from her long-awaited sophomore album Double Dutchess.

Directed by Chris Marrs, the clip features Fergie, 85-year-old Internet personality Baddiewinkle, and a young girl named Stephanie rocking out together in a Ferrari.

“They’re both my homies,” Fergie tells iHeartRadio. “They’re my little sidekicks. I pick them up in [a] Ferrari because, you know, ambition on Ferrari. I got to drive this Ferrari down the coast with my two posse members.”

After cruising down Pacific Coast Highway, the trio lands at a bonfire, where they dance the night away amongst other fun-loving folks at the beach. “Of course, we have to crash the bonfire and perform and just enjoy it,” she adds.

This year, Fergie returned with “M.I.L.F.$” and its star-studded video featuring Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Chrissy Teigen. So, what’s the status of her long-awaited LP?

“I definitely have felt so much pressure on a timeline and thought I could get it done so much faster than I could,” she explains. “You keep moving and keep moving and sometimes it feels like you can’t get things done fast enough. I think any mom can relate with that. I’m telling people, ‘The album’s coming,’ but I feel like the boy who cried wolf. My gosh. It’s so embarrassing. I’m so ready to release it to the world and I’m sorry it took so damn long. I just didn’t want to release a half done album and regret it the rest of my life.”

Due in early 2017, Double Dutchess is also expected to feature collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, and will.i.am.