Rap Up

New Music: Uncle Murda – ‘Rap Up 2016’

Uncle Murda provides his own “Rap Up” for 2016.

Saying this should be played for Skillz, who’s long held the “Rap Up” tradition, the new G-Unit signee recaps the year that was in a no-holds-barred rhyme about everything from Kim Kardashian’s robbery to Kanye West’s beef with Jay Z.

“Ni**as in Paris, Kanye/Jay Z,” raps Murda. “Ni**as in Paris robbed Kim K, B / ‘Ye mad he ain’t got a call from Jay Z / Jay like, ‘Ni**as get robbed every day, B’ / J. Cole kicked you while you was down / He knows controversy sells, he got an album out now / Damn ‘Ye, the people don’t trust you / Bush don’t like black people, but you think Donald Trump do / Don’t meet with Donald Trump and talk about us, ‘Ye / You ain’t got the answers just like you told Sway.”

From there, Murda goes in on RiRi’s relationships. “Rihanna ain’t rocking with Travis,” he raps. “Somebody should’ve told him that she was a savage / He like ‘Pick up the phone, baby / I know you home, baby’ / It’s a dub, ni**a, no more dates / She ain’t pick up the phone ’cause she was creeping with Drake / You was just another dude on the hit list.”

Feuds are front and center on this recap, as Murda also addresses the rumored rap beef brewing between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma: “Remy and Nicki taking shots at each other too / Rap is a sport, man, that’s what they’re s’posed to do.” And he also discusses the Diddy/Drizzy and Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez tension: “Drake with J.Lo on some Puffy shit / Mariah never heard of J.Lo, that’s some funny shit.”

Listen to Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up” below.