Ab-Soul Debuts NSFW Video for ‘Womanogamy’

Ab-Soul hits the strip club for “Womanogamy,” his latest music video off the recently-released Do What Thou Wilt LP.

Directed by Yellow Nguyen, the not-safe-for-work clip begins outside of a gentlemen’s club where a group of men are lined up to get in. Despite their pleading, the guys are unable to enter while Soulo strolls by security with ease.

Once inside, KRS-Two gets a stack of cash. But instead of making it rain, he actually uses it to speak with a fortune teller in a back room. Back inside the club, an imposter Soul gets in with friends and enjoys some NSFW action, including nudity and a make-out session between two dancers.

“If Amber Rose taught you how to be a bad bitch,” raps Soul. “Then this should be your favorite track, bitch.”

“Womanogamy” is the latest single off DWTW, following cuts like “D.R.U.G.S.” and “RAW (backwards).”

Watch the raunchy clip for “Womanogamy” below.